About us

Our mission is to help people build creative projects with premier software, hardware, and intellectual resources.

The company#

Persanix LLC is a technology company that develops resources for technology creators and enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop platform that offers project support from idea to implementation.

We're excited to get started on our roadmap for 2023 which includes more launches of both exclusive and general hardware.

Our principles#

We want to build a first-rate experience that we can stand behind with pride. That's why everything we do at Persanix™ adheres to a single principle: integrity.

Instead of platitudes on what integrity means to us, here are a few examples of how Persanix™ embraces integrity as praxis:

  • Visitors to our websites are not tracked with invasive cookies
  • Hardware is sourced and manufactured as locally as possible
  • Product placement is not allowed in intellectual resources
  • Paid services are reasonably separable from open-source projects

We're proud of what we make and strive to excel in not just what we develop, but how we develop it.

For my own projects, I spent a lot of time figuring out which components were the 'good ones'. I started Persanix™ to provide what I was looking for, a one-stop shop that exclusively provides high-quality components. Persanix™ is a portmanteau of Persano Electronics, my personal guarantee of quality and integrity.

Picture of John Persano
John Persano

Owner of Persanix LLC

Get in touch#

Have questions, comments, or concerns? Send us an email and we'll try our best to respond within two business days.