• Ten jumper wires in isometric pose.
  • Close-up of contact pin.
  • Jumper wires attached to a breadboard.
  • Jumper wire dimensions.

Premium Jumper Wires

Ten pack

These Persanix™ exclusive premium jumper wires are among the best available and are perfect for all your prototyping needs.


  • Thick, 22 AWG solid copper wires
  • Durable, gold-plated contact pins
  • Low-profile insulation and shrink tubing
  • Each wire individually tested for connectivity
  • Made in U.S. from Imported Parts

These 18cm (7in) jumper wires feature 22 AWG solid copper wires which will handle more current than most competitor jumper wires. The solid copper conductor is tinned to provides an additional degree corrosion resistance compared to bare copper. Each wire is insulated by a specialized thermoplastic which is lighter, tougher, and around 25% thinner than common PVC insulators.

The contact pins are durable and coated in gold to provide more corrosion resistance. Each pin crimp is protected by tough shrink tubing that's also thin enough to maintain the already low profile of these jumper wires.

End-to-end length23.2cm (~9.1in) ±7mm
Wire quantity10
Wire gauge22 AWG
Wire length18cm (~7in) ±5mm
Wire colors2x red, 2x black, 1x green, 1x white, 1x brown, 1x purple, 1x blue, 1x orange
Conductor typeSolid
Conductor materialTinned copper
Insulation materialModified polyphenylene ether (mPPE)
UL style11028
Pin finishGold
Pin finish thickness0.76µm (30.0µin)

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