User accounts now available on Persanix™

You can now register for an account to track past orders, expedite checkouts, and more. Additionally, we tweaked some of the UI and completely revamped dark theme.

New featuresUX
John Persano.
John Persano

Changelog (tl;dr)#

User accounts

  • Manage billing/shipping addresses
  • View past orders and tracking info
  • Save guest checkout orders
  • Manage promotional emails in one place
  • Delete your account

Dark theme

  • Overall higher contrast of elements
  • Addition of monochromatic coloring
  • Filled components now outlined on dark theme
  • Dark theme preference stored locally

What's new#

We've been busy over the past few months bringing user accounts to Persanix™. Adding accounts to any site can be quite the undertaking, but we firmly believe doing so provides much needed functionality to our users and benefits the overall user experience.

The new user accounts page adds the following features:

  • Edit billing and shipping addresses
  • View and track orders
  • Change notification preferences
  • Manage your account

The billing and shipping addresses are stored with our payment processing partner Stripe® which are autofilled during checkout. Making purchases while you're logged in saves you the annoyance of having to re-enter your addresses each time.

All of our promotional emails are opt-in by topic meaning you only get the notifications you explicitly sign up for. This follows our 'integrity as praxis' mantra but can be annoying to manage on an individual topic basis. We put all of your email lists in the new accounts page so you can subscribe or unsubscribe from all our lists in one place.

Finally, the new user accounts page gives you some basic account management options such as deleting your account. Keeping with our 'integrity as praxis', we wanted to make it as easy as possible to delete your account so we put the option to do so front and center.

Looking up how to delete accountsSome websites intentionally hide their delete account option, or worse, force you to email or call their support team to do so. This 'practice' is called dark UX and is not something you'll see on Persanix™.

Dark theme revamp#

We made quite a few new UI components to support user accounts which of course, must support dark theme. We played with some font and color changes and decided to backport the changes to the rest of the site.

The new dark theme should be easier on the eyes, both aesthetically and literally. Additionally, we now persist your preference locally if you decide to override your browser preference.

Check out some of the new theming on the following components:

We hope you enjoy these new features and get ready, more are on the way!

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