• Breadboard in isometric pose.
  • Close-up of breadboard lettering.
  • Internal contact clip.
  • Breadboard on a table.
  • Breadboard dimensions.

Solderless Breadboard

This breadboard is a great choice to prototype your next project with.


  • Thick, slotted internal clips
  • 730 total tie-points
  • High quality injection molding
  • Self-adhesive backing strip for mounting

This breadboard features a total of 730 tie-points with rows that are delineated by clear, legible numbers. The back of the breadboard has an adhesive strip so it can be permanently mounted virtually anywhere. You can also assemble a larger breadboard by snapping two or more of these together.

One of the most important features of this breadboard are the internal clips. The internal clips are wider and tighter than most boards we disassembled in addition to being slotted in the center. You'll have no issue securing components to this breadboard; however, you may experience difficulty inserting soft, thin-lead components.

Manufacturer part number340-015-1
BackingSelf-adhesive strip

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