• Solderable breadboard PCB in isometric pose.
  • Close-up of solderable breadboard.
  • Solderable breadboard on a table next to other components.
  • Solderable breadboard dimensions.

Solderable Breadboard

210 Tie-point

Finalize your breadboard project with a Persanix™ exclusive solderable breadboard.


  • Thick, 1.5mm traces duplicated on each side
  • Non-interference mounting holes
  • ENIG finish with transparent soldermask
  • Made in USA

Our Solderable Breadboard features 1mm tie-points which offer a perfect fit for most through-hole parts. The tie-points are spaced away from the four mounting holes so you can solder parts across the entire board without interference.

The traces are visible through transparent soldermask which eliminates soldering guesswork and visual silkscreen clutter. Each trace is extra wide and duplicated on each side of the PCB for maximum current capacity.

PCB finishENIG
Copper weight1oz
Trace width1.5mm (~0.059in)
Trace sideDuplicated top and bottom
Soldermask colorTransparent

Only ships to the United States at this time.


Guaranteed free from manufacture defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

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