• Fifteen LEDs in isometric pose.
  • Single LED in isometric pose.
  • Lit red LED.
  • Single led dimensions.

Super-bright 5mm LED

15 Pack

If you need bright LEDs for your project, look no further than these super-bright through-hole LEDs.



WarningThese LEDs are extremely bright, do not look directly at them.
  • High luminous intensity, up to 12000mcd
  • Wide, 30 degree viewing angle
  • Cut-tape packaging

Each LED features a clear epoxy lens and a high millicandela rating for brightness. The LEDs are so bright, the manufacturer lists motorway signs as a suggested application. The viewing angles, ranging from 25 to 30 degrees, are wider than the typical 15 to 20 degrees on comparable 5mm LEDs.

Different LED colors tend to have vastly different luminous intensities, but these LEDs have one of the tightest ranges across colors we could find. Additionally, you won't notice a diode artifact where these LEDs shine making these LEDs perfect for general illumination.

ManufacturerCree LED
Manufacturer part numberC503B-RCN-CW0Z0AA2
Forward Voltage (Vf)2.1V - 2.6V
Forward Current (If)20mA - 50mA
Dominant wavelength624nm
Luminous intensity3000mcd - 12000mcd
Viewing angle30 degrees

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