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Organize the chaos of your prototyping space with the Persanix™ Leadcushion, a pincushion for your electronic components.


WarningSafely discharge your components before inserting them into the Leadcushion. May not be suitable for high-sensitivity components.
  • Lead-insertion grade conductive foam cushion.
  • Durable, 3mm clear polycarbonate mounting plate.
  • Large surface area with thick insertion depth.
  • Manufactured in USA from domestic and imported materials.

The Leadcushion features a large, lead-insertion grade conductive foam cushion which safely holds your components while you prototype. The material is similar to the ESD foam microchips are typically shipped with. We offer replacement foam in our 9.5mm thickness, you can also use the thinner Protektive Pak 37645 foam.

The mounting plate is made of polycarbonate and features six (6) anti-slip rubber feet. If you're looking for a more permanant fixture, you can remove the rubber feet and secure the Leadcushion to your workspace using M3 fasteners (not included).

Although the foam cushion is made to dissipate charges, we strongly recommend discharging components prior to inserting them into the Leadcushion. Additionally, ensure components are at room temperature before insertion as hot components will cause melting.

Base materialPolycarbonate
Base thickness3mm
Cushion materialLead-insertion grade conductive foam
Cushion resistance (RTT)< 10⁴ ohms
Cushion thickness9.5mm

Only ships to the United States at this time.


Guaranteed free from manufacture defects for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.

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